The eye is more important than with the mind



While moving, you must see a hypothetical opponent you visualize on the assumption that you are fighting with him. Usually you must be about one meter and eighty centimeters away from the hypothetical opponent. But, in some case, depending on the technique you are using, you must be a little closer or a little further.


When you do nukitsuke in a yokoichimonji manner (unsheathe the sword and swing it horizontally), you must keep in mind that you have not defeated your opponent yet. When sitting you must see straight ahead. After you defeat your opponent by doing uchioroshi (swinging the sword downward), you must see ahead of the opponent’s body lying on the ground, which is about one meter and eighty centimeters ahead of you.



This is called “Kanken futatsuno metsuke”, which means “See things in two different manners, with mental eyes and with physical eyes” When you see, you should take a larger and broader view. While placing more emphasis on mental eyes and less emphasis on physical eyes, you must see distant objects as if they were close and see nearby objects as if they were far. This view is important in fighting. 


You must know how your opponent moves but must not see how he is actually moving. You must not move your eyeball from side to side but must be able to see both sides with mental eyes.